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kid's birthdays

before culinary school, chef kate was an educator and youth sports coach. full of energy and silliness, chef kate will make sure your child will feel extra special on their day and proud of the masterpiece they create! in person parties are hard right now, so why not host a virtual party with homecooked? from cakepops to pizza parties, she'll make sure your child has a one-of-a-kind virtual birthday!


team building

is your team working remotely and in desparate need of some team bonding? we can create a virtual class designed specifically to re-connect your team.  from competition style to workshops, we can create a customized virtual class to give your team that much needed get together!

Image by Chris Montgomery

private lessons

making amazing meals at home shoudn't be hard. let chef kate work with you 1-on-1 (or small groups) to become more confident and more efficient in the kitchen. you'll work together to create personalized classes featuring menus and techniques that match your lifestyle. trust us, we've got you.


private parties

are you scattered all over the globe and just missing your friends and family? we've got the answer! let chef kate work with you to create a special menu for any occasion virtual get together! at the end of the night chef kate will leave and make you the host so you can continue eating and enjoying time with your loved ones.

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