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what is homecooked?

we are a virtual culinary school. we teach you new skills in the kitchen. we teach you efficiency in the kitchen. we teach you creativity in the kitchen. we went to culinary school so you don't have to.

Couple Cooking

who's teaching the classes?

our instructor is chef kate. kate loves to cook. kate loves to eat. kate went to culinary school. be like kate, and come learn to make great food at home.


how does it work?

you sign up. we send you a link for the virtual class and an ingredient list. you click join meeting. we teach. you learn. we laugh. you laugh. we cook together and you leave with delicious food and a whole new set of skills in the kitchen.

Chopping Vegetables

what will i learn?

sharpen skills you have. teach you skills you didn't know you needed. braising. glazing. baking. cheese making. you name it, we can create it.

Fish Fillet
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